Waydroid Passthrough Browser - Open links in host browser
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Waydroid Passthrough Browser - Open links in host browser

Passthrough Browser has two components --- a server and a client. The server is a Python program written with Flask, while the client is an Android app written using MIT App Inventor. The server listens for HTTP POST connections on TCP port 8888 on an IP address only accessible to programs running on the host or in the Waydroid container. When it receives a properly formatted request, it opens the host's browser to the URL specified in the request. The client, when installed in Waydroid, is intended to be set as the default browser. After this is done, whenever an Android app attempts to open a Web page, it will open the Passthrough Browser client just as it would launch any other browser. The client then sends the URL to the server, which causes the host browser to open.


Run ./install_both.sh. (Make sure Waydroid is running first.) Installing the client requires running a command as root; the script uses sudo. You may need to enter your password during installation.


The client app uses the CustomWebView (beta version) App Inventor extension by Sunny Gupta. CustomWebView is used under the MIT licese.